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Ceramic Flat Membrane

Ceramic Flat Membrane


Ceramic Membranes properties: Pore size

Optimizing raw materials and finely controlling molding, sintering, and other processes,

A plate-type ceramic filter membrane with excellent pore uniformity can be obtained.

The TMP during the operation of the ceramic flat membrane is 0.01MPa, an excellent energy-saving effect; At the same time, the cleaning recovery after the flux reduction is good.

Ceramic Membranes properties: Coefficient

Excellent hydrophilic performance, the operating flux is generally 3-5 times that of organic membranes, and the anti-pollution ability, corrosion resistance ability, low energy consumption and other properties are excellent.

The temperature coefficient of ceramic material is small, and the change of water temperature has a limited influence on the microstructure of ceramic membrane. When the temperature is lowered by 10℃, the output change of the membrane system is less than 1%.

Ceramic Membranes properties: AluminaMaterials

 Excellent hydrophilicity produced by using Alpha alumina as the main material

gradient ceramic membrane with excellent separation properties.


  • Roller kiln sintering – small temperature difference, good quality
  • Fully automatic membrane dipping – uniform membrane formation
  • Twice firing – the support and the membrane layer are fired separately
  • High flatness – good for diaphragm cleaning



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