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Hydrophobic PTFE contactor

Hydrophobic PTFE contactor

Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (PTFE)

PTFE membrane is made of polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material and made of per-tetrafluoro hollow fiber membrane material by special process. It has non-toxic, excellent chemical stability, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance .The advantages of hydrophobic, high porosity, and pollution resistance are widely used in desalination of seawater brackish water, advanced treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater, reduction of RO concentrated brine, near “zero discharge” of wastewater, and treatment of various strong acid and strong alkali materials. Concentration, separation and recovery.


Specification   Fiber
Membrane Material PTFE
Pore Size(μm) ~0.1
Fiber Inner/Outer


Porosity(%) 44
Water Penetration Pressure
Flux(L/m2.h) 3-8
  PTFE Membrane distillation Module
MD2020 MD4040 MD6040
Effective Area (m2) 0.7 6 20
Module Flux(L/h) 2.1-5.6 18-64 60-160
Membrane Material PTFE  1.57mm PTFE  1.57mm PTFE  1.57mm
Housing Material CPVC CPVC CPVC
Module Dimension(mm) ф50-700mm ф90-1230mm ф160-1230mm
Port Size(mm) DN25 DN25 DN40
Operation Temperature(°C)  


≦90°C ≦90°C
PH tolerance -2-16 -2-16 -2-16
Max Feed water Pressure 0.5 bar 0.5 bar 0.5 bar
Max Vacuum Pressure 1.0 bar 1.0 bar 1.0 bar


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