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PTFE Teflon membrane application

PTFE Teflon membrane application

PTFE Teflon membrane material is commonly known as “Plastic King” and has the most stable chemical properties among plastic materials application. It is resistant to cleaning with high concentrations of acids, alkalis and strong oxidants, and the PH tolerance range is between 0-14.


Module Code MF200E
Module Structure MF Column Filter
Membrane Material PTFE(TEFLON)
Standard filter area(m2) 30
Design Flow (L/h.m2) 40-200L/m2.h
Dimension(mm) Փ200*1500
Diameter of Hollow fiber Փ1.5/0.5mm  or  Փ2.3/1.5mm
Longitudinal Breaking force >100N (10kg)
Filtering Path Outside-In
Pore Size(μm) 0.1~0.2μm
Permeate Turbidity ≤0.5 NTU
Temperature 5-50℃
pH 0-14
lifespan 5-10 years
Storage Dry Form,1 year
* Customized Module are preferred .Please contact with OXYMO Sales Engineer .

PTFE Teflon membrane advantage :

■Resistant to the impact of oil and organic solvents

Based on the material’s resistance to high concentrations of acids, alkalis, strong oxidants and organic solvents, the membrane can withstand the impact of oil and high-load organic solvents. When encountering such operating conditions, high-strength detergent cleaning can be used to ensure the recovery of membrane system performance. Once PVDF products are impacted by this aspect of pollution, the membrane system will be damaged and severely need to be replaced with new ones. membrane.

■Good anti-pollution performance

The composite PTFE Teflon hollow membrane uses PTFE as its filter layer. Its unique non-stick and self-lubricating properties make it difficult for most pollutants to adhere to the surface of the membrane. It has super anti-pollution performance and is easy to clean, consumes Low energy consumption.

■Long service life

PTFEteflon membrane has strong acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and unique support layer technology. It has strong anti-shake and anti-scouring capabilities. The normal service life is 8-10 years, which is the service life of general PVDF membranes. 2-4 times.

■Large water production flux

PTFE membrane has a higher porosity than PVDF, coupled with a unique hydrophilic modification and renewable technology, so that it can maintain a large water flux and a minimum flux attenuation during the application lifetime. In the membrane application process, it can withstand higher pressure and aeration impact, thereby improving the process efficiency and effect.

■Removable for cleaning,replace the filter easily .


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