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Why Is The Membrane Filter Technique Useful For A Sanitarian

Earlier a membrane filter was specially used for assessing the surface disinfecting activity of chloroxylenol disinfectant and phenolic disinfectants. It was used for investigating the different type of inoculum size, organism,and hardness as well as the purity of water. For the test Pseudomonas aeruginosa was chosen. Disinfectant solutions were prepared in water of 200 to 300 ppm hardness. After that it was applied for two to three minutes with seven to eight minutes to the bacteria deposited from filtration of 1 ml of a suspension containing 10-6 bacteria. This kind of membrane test is very much popular and beneficial in comparison to the different types of tests.

Advantage Of Membrane Filter Technique

• If you want to test large sample volumes then membrane filter technique is one of the best methods that you can easily go for. It has also been seen that the volume of non turbid water can easily be filtered through the organism and disk from any kind of volume that is being filled by the disk.
• The best part is that the membrane can easily be transferred from one kind of medium to another kind of medium to another kind of medium in order for the selection purpose or differentiation of the organism. This allow or permits isolation as well as the enumeration of the discrete colonies of the harmful bacteria.
• One of the best parts of applying the membrane filter technique or method is that you can easily get the result fast in comparison to the conventional MPN standard methods.
• the membrane methods do offer the result of presence and absence information within a time span of 24 hours.
• One of the most important benefits of using the membrane filtration technique is that membrane filtration systems are low or less expensive in comparison to the other kinds of methods.
• Since the cost of installation is also lower hence you don’t have to spend a hefty amount for it. You can easily use it as pr your need and requirements.
• If you don’t have the idea then you need to know that the membrane filtration can easily be used for feed products that has a wide range of different viscosities, which are very much difficult to process.
• Another important thing about the membrane filtration technique is that the process is simple and less. So, it become very much possible to achieve a great result and to know the degree level of purity.
• In this method there is no cost involved with the disposal and removal of the residue as the membrane filtration never results in a filter cake.
• A wide range of different membrane filtration products offers a kind of assurance that you will get the best possible solution for every application. This also helps in saving the cost of energy.
Since membrane filtration is one of the best and a clean technology and the process of separation is also carried out purelybased onthe size of the molecular thus it makes the use of additives unnecessary.

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