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Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration(UF) Membrane Advantage


1. Removal of all suspendied solid, algae, bacterial, virus to ensure your healthy.

2. Decrease of the dosage disinfectant(chlorine)

3. Stable and excellent water quality, turbidity less than 0.1NTU

4. Low pressure, Large flow(up to 80-100L/m2), energy saving.

5. Modular construction, small space required.

6. Hydrophilic modified to increase antipollutant, enhence chemical resistance

Applications of ultrafiltration
As it was mentioned, the UF method is most often used for the removal of small matter from raw water, to be able to supply potable water. It’s been accustomed to either replace existing secondary and tertiary filtration systems utilized in water-treatment plants or as standalone systems in regions with increasing inhabitants.
Ultrafiltration processes are most popular over other treatment strategies for these reasons:
1.No chemicals needed (besides cleaning)
2.Continual product quality despite the feed quality
3.Reduced plant size
4.Able to exceed the regulated standards of water quality, achieving 90-100% infective agent removal.

Companies that use ultrafiltration
Industries that use large amounts of water and might also discharge highly toxic waste are likely candidates to use the ultrafiltration for method. These would be the companies whom the UF membrane suppliers would want to attract as costumers.

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