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MABR Biofilm Main Function

Overview of the main functional flora of MABR biofilms ,MABR biofilm has the advantages of nitrogen removal, carbon removal and phosphorus removal.The working condition dominates the structure composition and distribution of the top-level community.By changing the operating parameters, the distribution ratio of main bacteria groups can be effectively regulated and the operating efficiency can be optimized.

MABR biofilm contains a variety of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and denitrifying bacteria.The former mainly includes nitrosous monomonas and archaea.The latter mainly includes anaerobic denitrifying bacteria (hydrophagocystis), aerobic denitrifying bacteria (filamentous microbacteria) and photoenergy denitrifying bacteria (erythrobacterium).The diversity of denitrification modes and the high efficiency of nitrogen removal in the reactor were demonstrated.

MABR biofilm bacterial community contains a large number of unknown bacteria, containing complex sewage degradation and removal functions.

Technical adaptability

1. Maintain and improve the water quality of fully intercepting polluted rivers and lakes.

2. Partially intercept sewage body (sewage, initial rainwater) to eliminate black odor and improve water quality.

3. Domestic sewage shall be centrally treated and discharged to the standard.

4. Concentrated and rapid treatment of initial rainwater.

5. Preprocessing of constructed wetlands to reduce pollutants, reduce wetland load, reduce the impact and blockage of pollution on the wetland, and protect the wetland system.

6. Combined with microbial technology, it can effectively reduce sediment pollutants while improving water quality, which is suitable for river water without and incomplete dredging.

7. Suitable for water purification with high salinity

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