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Aeration biofilm wastewater treatment

Aeration biofilm wastewater treatment

OXYMO’s aeration biofilm membrane for wastewater treatment can not only guarantee high-quality effluent water quality, but also continuously reduce energy consumption and reduce operation and maintenance costs. The effluent after the three-stage filtration can be directly used for irrigation, industry or directly discharged into natural water bodies without causing any damage to the environment. After the sewage is biologically treated by OXYMO’s MABR, it can reach the level 1 A standard after being treated by the sedimentation tank and sand filter.



  • Significantly save aeration energy consumption
  • Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification
  • Smaller processing facilities
  • Efficient and not affected by low temperature
  • Odorless, no noise
  • Simple operation and low maintenance workload
  • Polysilicone oxygen selective membrane
  • densy non-porous structure
  • bubbleless high efficient oxygen transfer
  • Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification
  • Energy saving
  • small footprint
  • minimize carbon source addition
  • decrease sludge yield



  • Compared with traditional methods, operating costs are reduced by 50%
  • The total nitrogen in the effluent meets the most stringent emission standards
  • The reactor volume is smaller and the cost is lower
  • Guarantee of high quality water in cold weather
  • Suitable for decentralized sewage treatment
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Realize remote monitoring of multiple treatment plants


OXYMO Provides a more optimized treatment plan for water recycling treatment in the 21st century. We provide local, sustainable, and rapidly deployable water, wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions, enabling businesses and communities around the world to make full use of the water resources.


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