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MABR biological membrane

MABR biological membrane

The full English name of MABR membrane oxygen transfer biofilm reactor is Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor. We also called MABR biological membrane .Its working principle is to utilize the synergistic effect between the selective breathable membrane and the attached growth-type biofilm. The breathable membrane is used to transmit oxygen to the biofilm attached to the surface of the breathable membrane, while the substrates such as ammonia and organic matter diffuse from the sewage into the biofilm. , While the MABR aerobic biofilm (with nitrifying bacteria as the dominant bacteria) installed in the anoxic tank and the denitrifying bacteria that grow in suspension in the anoxic zone achieve simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) to strengthen the treatment of ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in sewage Removal.


Air enters the MABR membrane box, oxygen passes through the MABR biological membrane from the inside to the outside, and the ammonia nitrogen and organic matter in the biochemical pool are transferred to the MABR membrane. Since ammonia nitrogen has a faster mass transfer rate in the water phase, it will preferentially contact with oxygen and form a biofilm dominated by nitrifying bacteria on the surface of the MABR biological membrane

Items Specification
Membrane Material Reinforced composite material
Hydrophobic Hydrophobic and Oxygen Selective permeability
Pore Size(μm) Dense and non-porous
ID/OD(mm) 0.7/1.3mm or 1.0/2.0mm
Fiber Tensile strength (N) ≥150N
Oxygen transfer rate(OTR) 8~22 gO2/m2.d
Water Penetration Pressure ≥500Kpa
Operating Feed Pressure 5~100Kpa



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