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Brackish Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Brackish Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Application Fields
Industrial Brackish water and Fouling-resistant Reverse Osmosis Membrane is suitable for the desalination treatment of surface water, reclaimed water, wastewater, etc. of influent TDS2000-8000PPM, and can be used for pure water preparation or wastewater reuse in textile, chemical, beverage, electronics and other industries.


Product Features
*Excellent chemical cleaning resistance.
*High fouling resistance ,water flux and salt rejection.

Product Specifications
Model Active Area(㎡) Permeate Flow(m³/d) Stabilized Salt Rejection (%) Minimum Salt Rejection
BW-4040-LP 7.9 9.1 99.5% 99.0%
BW-8040-400-LP 37.2 40
BW-8040-440-LP 41 48
BW-8040-400-FR 37.2 40
Standard Test Conditions
Test Solution Temperature(℃) pH Range Operating Pressure (Mpa) Recovery(%)
2000ppm NaCl aqueous solution 2000ppm 25.0±0.5 7.5~8.0 1.55 15
Operation Limits
Maximum Operating Pressure 600psi (4.14 Mpa)
Maximum Temperature 45℃
Maximum Feed Flow Rate 17.0m³/h(8040) ; 3.6m³/h (4040)
Maximum Feed Silt Density Index (SDI15) 5
Free Chlorine Tolerance 0.1ppm
pH Range,Continuous Operation 2~11
pH Range,Chemical Cleaning 1~13
Maximum pressure drop per element 4040,13psi (0.09Mpa)
8040, 15psi (0.10Mpa)


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