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Electrical PLC Control cabinet

Electrical PLC Control cabinet


OXYMO’s Electrical PLC control cabinet (programmable control cabinet) refers to a complete set of control cabinets, which can realize motor switch and complete equipment automation and process automation control; and can be matched with a man-machine interface touch screen to achieve the purpose of easy operation. The PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control, achieve perfect network functions, stable performance, expandability, and strong anti-interference characteristics. It is the core and soul of modern industry.

Electrical PLC Control Cabinet adopts a fully automatic control system, and PLC online controls all types of equipment such as air blowers, pumps. Instruments, valves. It includes SIEMENS PLC SMART+Industrial PC-HMI. Mitsubishi or Schneider Electronic Parts, Windows 7 System+Kingview SCADA remote control system, Automatic Control system +SMS alarm module, Teamviewer internet remote access, Data acquisition, and calculation.

The PLC electric control cabinet adopts manual, automatic, and debugging working methods, and the selected time is used to switch the pumps. First start and stop, first stop and start; power supply and running status are displayed. The PLC electric control cabinet also has the function of sound and light alarm for system failures, network expansion, and remote control functions. Before shipment, we will test run every accessory. We also have after-sales. We can remotely monitor and help.


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