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Gravity filter water treatment

Gravity filter water treatment

The gravity filter water treatment technology is to overcome the defects that existing water purification devices require electrical energy supply and cannot filter water sources for long periods of time in outdoor environments.


To achieve the above purposes, the gravity filter water treatment provides a siphon-type composite UF filtration component module as shown in Figure 1, including the millimeter-level (1) outer screen type protective housing and (4) inner grid-type membrane support cage, the micron-level (2) microfiltration layer and (3)activated carbon fiber adsorption layer and the nano level (5) ultrafiltration layer. From outside to inside, each layer’s filtration nominal pore size is smaller. The microfiltration layer and the ultrafiltration layer are ultra-hydrophilic materials, the ultrafiltration membrane is a gradient sponge aperture structure with an internal aperture size larger than the outer aperture size, the mesh screen outer protective layer, the microfiltration layer, the carbon fiber adsorption layer, the mesh gate inner support layer and the ultrafiltration layer are closely integrated into a tube-like structure with siphon pressure difference. The end of the tubular structure is equipped with a water outlet port that only provides water from the ultrafiltration layer.

Dimension Diameter: Ф90~ф400Length: 500~1000mm
Housing material ABS + UPVC
Outer shell material 304 Stainless steel
Filter media PP Foam + ACF+ UF membrane
Membrane material Super hydrophilic PES/PS hollow fiber membrane
Effective area 40~50m2
Diameter of capillary ID/OD = 0.75/1.25mm
Nominal pore size 0.1~0.05 micron
Initial flow rate

(30°C) per tap

~600L/h  ( at ~1.0m water level)

~450L/h ( at ~0.65m water level)
~280L/h (at ~0.25m water level)

Water Tank PE Tank, water level 1.5~2m is the best
Module lifespan Recommend 1~2years depend on feed water quality


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