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Gravity Ultrafiltration Membrane

Gravity Ultrafiltration Membrane

The gravity hollow fiber ultraflltration membrane is produced strictly with State-of-the-art technology for controlling microstructure of polymer separation membrane and membrane microstructure and in­terface functionalization technology, Oxymo have realized the industrialization of high-performance polymer microporous membranes with super hydrophilicity, gradient microporous structure, and ul­tra-high water flux. It is the highest technology product in the ultra-low pressure membrane applica­tion.


Type A (1 K) A Type B (2K) B
Outer pore size 0.05 µm 0.1 µm
Inner pore size 0.5 µm 1 µm
Nominal pore size 0.05 µm 0.1 µm
Capillary Diameter ID/OD = 0 75/1.25mm ID/OD = 0.3/0.45mm
Flux(25°C,0.1 Mpa) 1000 L/m2.h 2000L/m2.h
Membrane Material Solid PES, PSF,PES,PSF
Porosity 70-75%
Application Gravity Filter Tower/Tank Home filter etc. Filter Bottle, Filter Straw, filter pot, home filter etc.
Dimension Diameter 400 Length 500-1000mm
Housing material ABS+ UPVC
Filter media PP Foam + ACF+ UF membrane PP
Membrane material Super hydrophilic PES/PS hollow fiber membrane PES / PS
Effective area 40~50m2
Diameter of capillary ID/OD= 0.75/1.25mm
Nominal pore size 0.1-0.05 micron
Initial flow rater -600L/h ( at -1.0m water level) ~1.0
( 30°C) per tap ~450L/h ( at ~0.65m water level) ~0.65
-280L/h (at -0.25m water level) ~0.65
Water Tank PE Tank, water level 1.5~2m is the best PE 1.5~2*
Module lifespan Recommend 1-2years depend on feed water quality


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