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Ptfe (Teflon) Hollow Fiber MBR/MF

Ptfe (Teflon) Hollow Fiber MBR/MF

  • High Porosity 70-90%, Excellent Hydrophilic, Large flow rate (recommend MBR: 20~50LMH, MF: 40-200LMH)
  • TEFLON, Best Material for Anti-Pollution , Max. TSS up to 40g/L, and Excellent Oil Resistance.
  • Excellent Chemicals Resistance, Strong Alkali &Acid Resistance(pH=0~14), High Oxidant resitant.
  • Simplest and easy operation and maintenance.
  • High tensile strength(up to 1 00N), excellent bending durability, no fiber broken during vibration.


Module Code MBR-20E MBR-20EC MF200E
Module Structure MBR Curtain MBR Column MF Column Filter
Standard filter area(m2) 20 20 30
Design Flow (L/h.m2) 20-50L/m2.h 20-50L/m2.h 40-200L/m2.h
Diemensions (mm) 2000x630x50 J160x2000 J200x1500
Diameter of Hollow fiber 1.5/0.5mm or 2.3/1.5mm
Longitudinal Breaking force > 1 00N (10kg)
Filtering Path Outside-In
Pore Size (µm) 0.1-0.2µm
Permeate Turbidity 0.5 NTU
Temperature 5~50°C
PH 0-14
lifespan 5-10 years
Storage Dry Form, 1 year


  • High TSS Water Treatment
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment
  • Oil Field/Oily Wastewater Treatment ​

  • Metal Processing Wastewater
  • Solvent wastewater treatment
  • PCB/Plating Wastewater treatment

  • Mining Wastewater treatment
  • Other Water& Wastewater treatment


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