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MBR Bio-reactor For Wastewater Treatment

MBR Bio-reactor For Wastewater Treatment

MBR has high removal efficiency for pollutants. High removal efficiency for pollutants. High removal efficiency for pollutants. High removal efficiency for pollutants. Has greater flexibility and practicality, short process and small footprint! Flexible water treatment. Solve the problem of difficult disposal of excess sludge. Due to the high-efficiency trapping effect of the membrane module, all activated sludge is trapped in the reactor, so that the sludge concentration in the reactor can reach a high level, up to 40-50g/L, which greatly reduces the biological reaction The sludge load in the device improves the removal efficiency of MBR for organic matter. The average removal rate of COD in domestic sewage is above 94%, and the average removal rate of BOD is above 96%.


Product Specification

Module Data MBR-10 MBR-20 MBR-30
Nominal Area (m2) 10 20 30
Dimension(mm) 1000*535*40   800*630*42 1800*535*40     1500*630*42 2000*630*42
Recommend Flow (m3/day) 3.0-4.5 5.0-7.5 7.5-11
Dry/Wet Weight (kg) 9/18 18/35 26/50
 Membrane  Properties
Membrane Material Reinforced PVDF
Normal Pore Size (um) 0.1um (A series)或0.04um(B series)
Fiber Diameter 1.0/2.2mm或1.2/2.6mm
Breaking Strength >200N
Processing Method Embedded coating
Surface Properties Non-Ionic & Hydrophilic
Flow Path Outside-In
Operation & Maintenance
TMP Range -0.05 to 0.05 Mpa
Operating Temperature 5-45ºC
Operating pH Range 7.0-9.2(consider biolohical)
Operation flux 10-25L/m2.h
Backwash flux 30-60L/m2.h
Max Cleaning Temperature 40ºC
 Cleaning pH Range 1.0-13.0
Max. NaCIO Concentration 5000 ppm
Permeate Turbidity ≤ 0.5NTU


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