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Membrane Filtration Method

Membrane Filtration Method

Membrane filtration method technology is used in the membrane filter technique. This technique is best for the liquid and fluid samples that are used for the microbiological combinations.



The Membrane Filtration Method is the most mature and advanced technology in ultrafiltration technology. The outer diameter of the hollow fiber is 0.5-2.0 nm, and the inner diameter is 0.3-1.4 nm. The hollow fiber tube wall is covered with micropores, and the pore diameter is expressed by the molecular weight of the retentate substance, and the molecular weight cut off can be several thousand to several hundreds of thousands. The raw water is pressurized and flows outside or inside the hollow fiber to form an external pressure type and an internal pressure type, respectively. Membrane Filtration Method is a dynamic filtration process. The trapped material can be removed with concentrated water, and it will not block the surface of the membrane and can be continuously operated for a long time.

Membrane Filtration Method is a high-tech that is widely used in water purification, solution separation, concentration, and extraction of useful materials from wastewater, and in the field of wastewater purification and reuse. It has the advantages of simple use process, no need of heating, energy saving, low-pressure operation, and small installation area.

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