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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

The municipal wastewater treatment equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment technology.


The municipal wastewater treatment equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment technology. Based on the experience of municipal and foreign municipal wastewater treatment plant, combined with our own scientific research results and engineering practice, we design a complete set of organic wastewater that can be buried. The treatment plant removes BOD5, COD and NH3-N, has stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, automatic operation, convenient maintenance and operation, no surface area,etc. You can planting flowers and plants on the ground ,and no affect the surrounding environment. Municipal wastewater treatment plant is suitable for residential sewage, residential areas, villages, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, schools, military units, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, tourist attractions, etc. The sewage treated by the equipment has reached the national discharge standard. Our company can also support water reuse equipment according to customers requirements.

Design parameter for typical sewage treatment:

Items PH COD (mg/L) BOD
Influent 6-9 500 200 30 3 200
Effluent 6-9 ≤25 ≤5 ≤5 0.5 ≤5 ≤2NTU

Note: effluent quality satisfy Chinese national standards GB/T 18920-2002 and Class 1-A of GB/T

Features of municipal wastewater treatment equipment:

1.Buried below the surface of the earth, the surface above the equipment can be used as greening or other purpose.

2.Excelent and stable effluent quality.

3.The biochemical tank adopts biological contact oxidation method, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganisms are in the self-oxidation stage, and the amount of mud production is small.

4.The deodorization method of the municipal sewage treatment equipment adopts conventional high-altitude exhaust, and is also equipped with soil deodorization measures.

5.The entire municipal sewage treatment equipment system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, the operation is safe and reliable, usually do not need special personnel management, only need timely maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

Usage of municipal wastewater treatment equipment:

1.Use carbon steel anti-corrosion, stainless steel, glass steel structure, with corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other excellent characteristics, service life For more than 50 years;

2.the complete set of equipment is simple construction, easy to operate, all mechanical equipment is automatically controlled, all devices can be set below the surface.

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