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Membrane Bioreactors For Wastewater Treatment

Membrane Bioreactors For Wastewater Treatment



Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) is a process that combines a membrane ultra filtration process and activated sludge process for wastewater treatment. (The process is used in place of the secondary sedimentation tank and sand filter used for tertiary treatment in the conventional activated sludge process). Hydro Blue provides good quality, low running cost and anti-pollution membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment. In addition, according to customer requirements and site conditions, Hydro Blue offers drawing of MBR Plants to customers. The membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment system is ideal component operation in industrial applications due to their good working conditions. It is already known as an appreciated means of clarifying and cleaning wastewater and industrialized process water. Currently, package MBR wastewater treatment plants have started to be used to strain contaminations from industrial water in areas.

Membrane filtration technology is used by Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment, whichis best for the liquid and fluid samples that are used for the microbiological combinations. This technique is used to test these fluids. This method is quick because there is very less work that you should do. You can simply do the testing by the traditional methods that are being used for several years.

Water quality:

Parameter COD (mg/L) BOD  (mg/L) Turbidity(NTU) NH3N(mg/L) Coliform(cfu/100Ml)
Inlet 500 300 50 10000
Outlet 30 5 0.5 10 3

Why do we have to treat wastewater? 

The polluted water not only affect people by drinking but the polluted resources also offer many dangerous environmental effects to the people. Because the polluted water includes harmful substance inside ,it can cause very serious diseases. When there have polluted water in a lake or river, then there will be a huge chance to appear in many environmental diseases to the people living nearby.
At that time, if the water maintains pure and healthy, the environment will also be safe and healthy for people to live and no one will get any environmental diseases, and it is only possible if industries install biological sewage treatment plants into their factories and release the waste water into lakes and rivers after complete filtration process.

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