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Submerged Membrane Filtration (SMF)

Submerged Membrane Filtration (SMF)

Submerged Membrane Filtration (SMF) technology is currently the first enterprise to realize the localization of submerged membrane filtration products and complete sets of technology. The submerged membrane system of Hydro Blue membrane Technology has high loading density, fast water intake and drainage, strong adaptability to inlet water, low operating energy consumption, high water recovery rate, small amount of water used for membrane cleaning, and every membrane module in the system can be convenient Separate inspection and replacement of the ground has achieved the perfect unity of system reliability and high maintenance efficiency, and has reached the international advanced level.


Product Specification

A、Membrane fiber Spec

Membrane material PVDF Membrane form Outside-In hollow fiber membrane
Outer/Inner Diameter 1.0/2.2mm Nominal Pore size 0.04μm
Breaking Strength >200N

B. Module Spec

Membrane housing material UPVC End Cap material UPVC
Seal Material EPDM rubber Potting Material Epoxy Resin
Nominal Area 40m2 Size φ160xL1987mm
Dry Weight 15kg Wet Weight 25kg

C、Using condition

Operation way Negative pressure suction filtration Design Flux 20-55L/h
Operating Temperature 5-45℃ Operating pH Range 2-11(when cleaning 1-12)
Max TMP Range -80KPa Max Backwash Pressure 150KPa
Backwash flux 1.5-4.0m3/hr Air wash flow ≤2.5m3/hr

D. Permeate water quality

Permeate Turbidity ≤0.1NTU Permeate SDI15 ≤3
Coliform Not detected Total number of colonies Not detected


1. Greatly improve the recycling rate, reduce waste water discharge, and reduce up to 30%;

2. Reduce pressure and reduce energy consumption, up to 35%;

3. Reduce cleaning frequency and chemical cost;

4. Higher water production efficiency and lower initial investment:

5. Ultra-high flux, the same pressure difference flux can increase up to 40%

6. Higher water production efficiency, fewer ultrafiltration membrane elements

7. The water production efficiency of the same land area can be increased by up to 120%

8. Greatly reduce downtime and cleaning time

Who we are

Hydro Blue Membrane Technology has accumulated rich experience in the transformation of sand filter into membrane filtration process. The original sand filter can be transformed into membrane tank, and the membrane method can be transformed without increasing the land occupation and investment of civil construction. Membrane filtration has become a powerful technology and equipment for municipal tap water, reclaimed water reuse and other industries for upgrading and transformation, as well as industrial complex water supply and reverse osmosis pre-filtration.


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