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Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater Treatment Facility

MBR technology in wastewater treatment facility applications an ideal choose in all kinds of wastewater treatment applications due to their warm working conditions.


MBR technology in wastewater treatment facility applications an ideal choose in all kinds of wastewater treatment applications due to their warm working conditions. It is already recognized as an appreciated ways of clarifying and cleaning wastewater and industrialized process water. The MBR technology for wastewater treatment facility is used to describe wastewater management techniques where a ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane, is combined with an organic process. Membrane bioreactors vary from enhancing procedures where the membrane is engaged as a distinct tertiary usage step with no arrival of the lively biomass to the organic process. Use MBR wastewater treatment facility to turn wastewater to be reuse for non-drinking purposes.

Design parameter for typical wastewater treatment:

Items PH COD (mg/L) BOD
Influent 6-9 500 200 30 3 200
Effluent 6-9 ≤25 ≤5 ≤5 0.5 ≤5 ≤2NTU

Note: effluent quality satisfy Chinese national standards GB/T 18920-2002 and Class 1-A of GB/T

The MBR technology and its benefits of wastewater treatment facility:
It has a number of advantages over other wastewater technologies in wastewater treatment facility applications. MBRs delivers high-quality sewage, better biotreatment and have a small footmark.

1.Uncoupling hydraulic retention time (HRT) and solid retention time (SRT):
An important benefit of the MBR procedure is that the organic solids are totally reserved in the bioreactor. This means that the SRT in the bioreactor can be measured self-sufficiently from the HRT. This is unlike the CAS procedure where the flocculent entities that create the biomass have to be permitted to produce in the extent to the level where they can be established in the subordinate clarifier.

2.High-quality effluent;
The small hole size of the membrane means that the cured sewage is of very extraordinary clearness and meaningfully abridged pathogen absorption as associated to the CAS process.
Membrane bioreactor procedures deliver a considerably elucidated and clean sewage of extraordinary enough value to be cleared to subtle delivery bodies or to be domesticated for claims such as urban rinsing, efficacies or toilet reddening. It is also of superior for nourishing right away to a reverse osmosis process.

3.Small footprint;
The holding of the entities in the reactor and the rise in SRT to produce advanced biomass solids absorption influences on the plant footmark. So that means that the identical total mass of solids is controlled in a lesser volume, so the footmark is smaller.

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