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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Code specializes in MBR technology for wastewater treatment. MBR technology for wastewater treatment is not considered to be premium usage purpose.


Water Code specializes in MBR technology for wastewater treatment. MBR technology for wastewater treatment is not considered to be premium usage purpose. It can be more costly than other resolutions, for example, MBRs are used for wastewater and water uses where excellent quality water s compulsory or where a restriction is there in the area. The wastewater treatment plant has been applied in more than 200 nations across the world.
A wastewater treatment plant normally includes a primary treatment in which solid materials are removed and a secondary treatment where suspended and dissolved organic materials are digested along with nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen. It might also include disinfection for killing pathogenic bacteria. The sludge that is produced in the wastewater treatment plant goes through a sludge treatment.

Design parameter for typical sewage treatment:

Items PH COD (mg/L) BOD
Influent 6-9 500 200 30 3 200
Effluent 6-9 ≤25 ≤5 ≤5 0.5 ≤5 ≤2NTU

Note: effluent quality satisfy Chinese national standards GB/T 18920-2002 and Class 1-A of GB/T

Standard specification of our MBR cassettes:

Model Capacity(m3/d) Effective area(m2) Module size(mm)
SKID100 100 330 2200 x 750 x1750
SKID200 200 660 2200 x 1600 x 1750
SKID300 300 1000 2500 x 1600 x 2200
SKID400 400 1320 2200 x 1600 x 2500
SKID500 500 1750 2500 x 1700 x 2500

Why is the use of sewage treatment equipment imminent?
Water possessions are under duress from increasing populace, particularly in dry areas, and better usage of water per person because of economic growth. Certain efforts have been completed to decrease water usage over upkeep programs, but up to now this has simply had the outcome of comprising growth. In fact, wastewater treatmet delivers a significant inspiration for rising waste water recycle as the defaulting choice where reserve restraints happen, leaving purification for circumstances where there is no other option. Energy productivity in water source is now recognized as a main driver for the choice of other resources.

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