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What is a MBR sewage treatment plant?

Wastewater treatment uses several processes in which MBR is a combination of membrane processes, including microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane processes. It is also a widely used process in municipal corporations and industrial wastewater treatment that helps in improving the quality of the water. MBR technology is the most wanted innovative way of wastewater treatment for commercial purposes of water treatment plants.

Features of MBR sewage treatment plant:

MBR sewage treatment plant includes specific highlights, and the highlighted features are as follows

  • It helps in the smooth operation of wastewater without any hindrances
  • It is likely to produce a high caliber of treated water
  • It reduces the cost and chemical utilization to a greater extent
  • There is no requirement for a separate settler, clarifier, and a polishing unit
  • It is more flexible to use both on underground and above ground levels
  • It is an eco-friendly process

All these features make MBR technology a most awaited technology that helps in wastewater treatment to improve water quality for consumption.

Advantages of MBR technology:

Membrane Bioreactor technology includes several benefits; some of the most significant benefits are as follows.

  • The technology exhibits high waste removal efficiency
  • It increases the rate of belter effluent quality
  • The technology removes the contaminants like bacteria, nitrogen, and other suspended solid wastes.
  • It reduces the space necessity as it requires only a small space to operate.
  • There are possibilities of producing less volume of the sledge by using the specific technology.

All these benefits make MBR technology a successful one.

Applications of MBR technology:

Membrane Bioreactor technology is beneficial in several industries. The application of such technology in the most common industries is as follows.

  • Automobile industries
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Fertilizer manufacturing companies
  • Solvent extracting companies
  • Iron and steel industries
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Petroleum refining industries
  • Dye and chemical manufacturing units
  • Pulp and paper making industry

All these industries use MBR technology to treat sewage water, and the technology is proven to be a reliable water treatment solution.

Types of MBR sewage water treatment:

The following are the available types of sewage water treatment and include

  • Activated sludge plant
  • Rotating disc system
  • Submerged aerated filter
  • Suspended media filters
  • Sequencing batch reactor
  • Non-electric filter
  • Trickling filter

All these types of sewage water treatment plants function in several ways to produce water of differing effluent quality. Each type of plant applies various ways to purify the water effectively.

Significance of sewage water treatment:

Sewage water treatment is significant in many ways. The most significant factors of sewage water treatment are as follows.

  • The technology benefits the environment
  • It helps in recycling the water
  • The sludge collected in the process helps in energy production

All these factors help understand sewage water treatment and its benefits to the environment.


Sewage water treatment improves water quality and makes it suitable for industrial and agricultural usage. MBR technology benefits the commercial sector to a greater extent and makes the water suitable for various usages.

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