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Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

A sewage treatment process for effluent treatment plant is a combination of processes used in a particular kind of sewage treatment.


A sewage treatment process for effluent treatment plant is a combination of processes used in a particular kind of sewage treatment. Generally, according to the water quality and flowrate of sewage, the economic value of recycling, emission standards and other social and economic conditions, after analysis and comparison, if necessary, it is necessary to conduct experimental research and determine the treatment process. The general principles are: reforming processes, reducing pollution, recycling, comprehensive prevention, advanced technology, economic rationality, etc. Hydro Blue adopts MBR technology in effluent treatment plant applictions. MBR technology combines the membrane separation and biological technology. Water can permeate the tiny pore and activated sludge entrapped in tank, so it can greatly improve the ability of the system to degrade pollutants.

Design parameter for typical sewage treatment:

ItemsPHCOD (mg/L)BOD

Note: effluent quality satisfy Chinese national standards GB/T 18920-2002 and Class 1-A of GB/T

Standard specification of our MBR cassettes:

ModelCapacity(m3/d)Effective area(m2)Module size(mm)
SKID1001003302200 x 750 x1750
SKID2002006602200 x 1600 x 1750
SKID30030010002500 x 1600 x 2200
SKID40040013202200 x 1600 x 2500
SKID50050017502500 x 1700 x 2500

The benefits of using MBR technology in effluent treatment plant:
1.High Effluent quality
The ultrafiltration membranes retain every single micro-creature and most suspended solids, bringing about a reasonable and exceedingly decontaminated gushing. The emanating might be reused as poor quality process water or for water system purposes.

2.Low-sludge creation
The MBR can work at a low F/M proportion, being the Feed of natural substance per measure of Micro-organisms per time unit. These outcomes in a high mineralization of muck. In traditional frameworks, 1 kg COD will result in around 0.3 – 0.4 kg of biomass. With MBR frameworks 1 kg COD is changed over to 0 – 0.2 kg biomass (zero biomass generation can be acquired while working at high temperatures). The release of biomass can have a noteworthy effect on the operational expenses of the framework.

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