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Aerated biofilm membrane for water treatment

Aerated biofilm membrane for water treatment

OXYMO adopts Aerated biofilm membrane technology for waste water treatment, which is applied in the fields of rural sewage treatment and river treatment.The core component of this technology is the MABR aerated biofilm reactor.The bioreactor is assembled by spiral-type breathable membranes. The constant low-pressure air does not directly contact the wastewater, and there is no need to overcome the water depth resistance, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption.


  1. The effluent quality is high.It can stably reach the first level A standard of “Emission Standard of Pollutants for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants” (GB18978-2002).
  2. Small footprint.Compared with the traditional process, it can save 30%~50% of the floor space. 3. High degree of Informatization.The APP can be used to realize centralized remote operation of multiple terminals, parameter adjustment, operation data recording and statistics, fault alarm, remote diagnosis and video monitoring, etc.
  3. Good scalability.Module space can be reserved to cope with processing capacity expansion.
  4. Environmentally friendly.There is no odor, low noise, and no disturbance to the people in the process.
  5. Low energy consumption.The air permeable membrane is used for natural permeation, and there is no need to overcome water pressure, which saves more than 50% of energy compared with traditional aeration devices.
  6. Long service life.TheAerated biofilm membrane has a service life of 15 years and does not require chemical cleaning for water treatment.
  7. The amount of operation and maintenance is small.The system runs stably and is easy to operate and maintain without the need for professional technicians.
Items Specification
Membrane Material Reinforced composite material
Hydrophobic Hydrophobic and Oxygen Selective permeability
Pore Size(μm) Dense and non-porous
ID/OD(mm) 0.7/1.3mm or 1.0/2.0mm
Fiber Tensile strength (N) ≥150N
Oxygen transfer rate(OTR) 8~22 gO2/m2.d
Water Penetration Pressure ≥500Kpa
Operating Feed Pressure 5~100Kpa


  • Municipal sewage treatment plant
  • Industry wastewater treatment plant
  • High ammonia wastewater treatment plant
  • Enhanced removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in water
  • Upgrade of existing STP,WWTP
  • River& Lake water restoration
  • Aquaculture water treatment and recycling
  • Degas treatment for water &chemical solution


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