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MABR membrane aeratioin treatment process

MABR membrane aeratioin treatment process

MABR, the full name of Membrane Aeration Bioreactor, It is a biological process that uses membranes for aeration. MABR is an upgraded version of the traditional activated sludge process-it can treat more sewage with less oxygen transfer energy on the basis of the existing tank capacity.The hollow fiber membrane aeration treatment process technology made of organic silicon material realizes bubble-free oxygen supply, provides an ideal environment for the stable growth of biofilms, and absorbs and consumes carbon and nitrogen sources.


OXYMO’s MABR treatment process has the characteristics of high-efficiency aeration and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification with biological membranes. Inside the MABR, the biofilm is immersed in a tank in a rotating winding shape, sewage is continuously injected, and the effluent overflows and is discharged. Low-pressure air is blown in from one side of the spacer layer of the film, and a biologically active reaction occurs on the other side. Oxygen is continuously supplied into the biofilm, forming a film on the sewage side. In this area, aerobic and hypoxic conditions are simultaneously produced, so as long as less energy and space are used, simultaneous nitrification and denitrification can be achieved. This low-pressure aeration principle significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional high-pressure aeration !


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