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Flat sheet membrane module

Flat sheet membrane module

The Wavy Flat Sheet Membrane module application is used more and more widespread , OXYMO’s wavy flat sheet membrane module changed the traditional flat sheet MBR .


Model  MBR-9W MBR-11W MBR-13W
Effective membrane area (㎡) 9 11 13
Design Flowrate
2.5-3.5 3.0-4.5 3.9-5.2
Dimension(mm) 1220*760*44 1500*760*44 1500*760*44
Dry/Wet Weight 7/11 8.1/13 9.6/18
Pore Size(μm) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Membrane material PVDF PVDF PVDF

ApplicationAdvantage :

  1. The thickness of a single piece is only 1.6mm . The wavy flat sheet membrane module adopts advanced composite technology, which overturns the design concept of conventional flat film, abandons the expensive ABS board, and reduces the thickness from 7mm to 1.6mm.
  2. The filling is more than 2 times of the traditional flat membrane.The thickness of the diaphragm is reduced, and the distance between the diaphragms is precisely controlled, so that the center of the diaphragm is less than half of the traditional flat membrane, and the packing density is not lower than that of the hollow fiber membrane.
  3. 1m2 membrane is only 0.84Kg . Significantly reduces the weight per unit membrane area, which brings convenience to transportation and installation
  4. Corrugated surface and vibration . The surface of the wavy sheet membrane module is corrugated, and it is easy to form local turbulence on the surface, which strengthens the turbulence of the flow pattern, so that the sludge and pollutants are not easy to adhere and fall off. At the same time, the membrane is appropriately flexible and can be vibrated at high frequencies to further strengthen Pollution control


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