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Wavy flat sheet MBR membrane module

Wavy flat sheet MBR membrane module


*Multi-Layers,Big Filtration Area same as hollow fiber.Small Footprint
*Large Flowrate,15~25L/m2.h
*Small air scouring,Low Energy Consumption
*high frequency vibration remove sludge automatically,minimium off-line,maintenance cycle (some case even up to 2years without off-lin clean)
*Excellent Fouling Resistance,unique wavy structure ensure no hari,no sludge captured on membrane surface.
*High Intensive and backwashable flat sheet


Model OX-30 OX-50 OX-100 OX-150 OX-200 OX-250
Treatment (T/D) 30 50 100 150 200 250
Total area (㎡) 72 126 252 378 504 630
Membrane Material PVDF
Average pore size
Average Designed  Flux(LMH) 18-25
Size  L*W*H (mm) 1440*720*2280 1440*855*2280 1440*1485*2280
Operational Aeration (m3/h) 24 42 84 126 170 211
Size of pipes Inlet 1*DN 1*DN32 1*DN32 1*DN50 1*DN65 1*DN80
Outlet 1*DN 1*DN32 1*DN32 1*DN50 1*DN65 1*DN80
Operational temp (℃) 10-40
Max tolerant pH 2-12
Designed operational pH 6-9
Max TMP (MPa) 0.035
Extreme TMP (MPa) 0.06
Concentration of activated sludge  (mg/L) 3000-15000



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