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Hollow Fiber Membrane Ultrafiltration Modules

Hollow Fiber Membrane Ultrafiltration Modules

Hollow fiber UF membrane water filter to clarify, concentrate and purity the streams with filtration challenges involve suspended solids, bacteria, or high concentrations of macromolecules. The nominal pore size is 0.001~0.1 μm. The micropores distribute around the wall of the membrane. The entrapping molecular weight scale is about several thousand to ten thousand. The ultrafiltration is a dynamic process, and the entrapping matter can be drained out following the concentration water. These high-tech membranes are widely used in a variety of water treatment and wastewater recycling applications by package wastewater treatment plant suppliers.


Product Specification

ITEMS UF1060(UF250) UF1080 (UF250L)
Size (D x L,  mm) ф250x1680mm , sideport distance=1600mm ф250x2215mm,sideport distance=2100mm
Port Size (D1, mm) ф63(2inch) ф63(2inch)
Material of UF Membrane Modified PES Membrane Modified PES Membrane
Capillary Diamater(I/O)(mm) 0.8/1.4mm 0.8/1.4mm
Molecular Weight Cut-Off(MWCO) 130K Dalton 130K Dalton
Norminal Poresize 0.02μm 0.02μm
Effective membrane area(m²) Inner area=60m2 (Outer aera=105m2) Inner area=80m2  (Outer aera=140m2)
Quantity of capillary fiber (pcs) 16750pcs ID/OD=0.8/1.4mm PES membrane 16750pcs ID/OD=0.8/1.4mm PES membrane
Design flow (m3/H) 40-160L/m2.h 40-160L/m2.h
Output Turbidity <0.1 NTU Forward flush flow (L/m2.h) 4-8m3/h
Output (SDI) <3 Forward flushing Time 5-20s
Type of Filter Path Inside-out Forward flushing Cycle 10-60mins
Piping Type (connection) Cross-flow or Dead-end Max. F.F pressure 3bar
Housing Material UPVC Backwash flowr (L/m2.h) 200
Potting Material Epoxy Resin Backwash TMP (MPa) 0.08-0.15
Max feed pressure (MPa) 0.3 Backward flushing time 20-180s
Max TPM (MPa) 0.2 Backward flushing cycle 20-60mins

Max Backwash Pressure (MPa)

0.15 CEB Chemicals(alkali) 100-1000mg/L NaOH

+200mg/l NaClO

Recommended Temperature 5-50℃ CEB Chemicals(acid) HCl 100-1000mg/L
PH 2 to 13 CEB Frequency Once per 1~7days
Discontinuous chlorine resistance 5000ppm CEB  flow 100L/m2.h
Discontinuous NaOH resistance 5% CEB time 1-30mins
CIP Frequency Once per 1~3monthes
CIP Flushing Time 1-12hrs
CIP Flow 2-8m3/h
CIP Chemicals 0.1-0.5% NaOH or 0.1%NaOH+200-500mg/L NaClO.   0.1-0.5% HCl


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