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Membrane Element For Water Filer System

Membrane Element For Water Filer System

MBR Process can greatly enhance the system’s ability to degrade pollutants .The cod bod can be greatly degradated and remove suspended solids ,bacterial ciruses (99.99%)etc.


The MBR process generally includes a membrane separation module and a bioreactor, and the membrane assembly replaces the secondary sedimentation tank for solid-liquid separation.

Since the membrane can trap all the biomass in the reactor, long sludge age and high suspended solids concentration can be obtained, which is beneficial to the growth of slow-growing nitrogen-fixing bacteria and nitrifying bacteria, and simultaneous nitrification and anti-inversion can be realized without aeration. Nitrification enhances the nitrification capacity of activated sludge, and membrane separation maintains a low , making the excess sludge yield much less than the activated sludge process, and the system operation is more flexible and stable. Especially for industrial membrane element .

ITEMS MBR-15 MBR-20 MBR-25 MBR-30 MBR-35
Membrane Area(m2) 15 20 25 30 35
Length x 525×50 mm 1400 1850 2000 2200 2200
Material PVDF, composite hydropilic hollow fiber membrane
Nominal Pore Size 0.02~0.04µm
Fiber Diameter ID/OD=1.0/2.4mm
Flow Path Outside-In
TMP Range -55 to 55 kPa
Max. Operating Term. 40oC
Operating pH Range 5.0-9.5
Backwash Pressure ≤0.3Mpa
Max. Cl2 Concentration 1000ppm


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