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MBR Project: Wastewater Treatment Project

MBR Project: Wastewater Treatment Project

Waste water discharged from pollution sources, due to the high total concentration or concentration of pollutants.


Waste water discharged from pollution sources, due to the high total concentration or concentration of pollutants, does not meet the discharge standards or does not meet the environmental capacity requirements, thus reducing the water environment quality and functional objectives, it must be artificially strengthened. We can use our MBR WWTP for wastewater treatment projects, which turns the wastewater into usable. In this technology, the contaminants are cleared out from the affected water and give out a safe and healthy water source. MBR WWTP is a complete MBR set of equipment for sewage &wastewater treatment. It separate the water from biochemical reactor tank. Water can permeate the tiny pore and activated sludge entrapped in tank, so it can greatly improve the system’s ability to degrade pollutants. The water quality of waster water treatment project from the MBR sewage treatment plant is very stable excellent. The filtered water can be reused for non-drinking purposes, like cleaning, car washing, gardening, irrigation etc.

Standard specification of our MBR cassettes:

Model Capacity(m3/d) Effective area(m2) Module size (mm)
SKID100 100 330 2200 x 750 x1750
SKID200 200 660 2200 x 1600 x 1750
SKID300 300 1000 2500 x 1600 x 2200
SKID400 400 1320 2200 x 1600 x 2500
SKID500 500 1750 2500 x 1700 x 2500

What is MBR wastewater treatment plant?

MBR wastewater treatment plant for wastewater treatment project is made of complex tissue hollow fibre, which has greater inoxidability. It has very strong erosion resilient constancy against numerous chemicals such as alkali, strong acid and oxidizer etc. the sludge concentration of MBR system wastewater treatment is high, which is numerous times of that in customary active sludge process, and its impact-resistant load ability is good. The product water quality is good can be re-used directly, it has low sludge production and lessen the expenditure of sludge removal.

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