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Membrane distillation package plant

Membrane distillation package plant


Membrane distillation is a membrane separation process that uses a hydrophobic microporous membrane with the vapor pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force for mass transfer. It can be used for water distilling and desalination to remove volatile substances from aqueous solutions.For example, when aqueous solutions of different temperatures are separated by a hydrophobic microporous membrane, due to the hydrophobicity of the membrane, the aqueous solutions on both sides cannot pass through the pores of the membrane to enter the other side, but due to the high water vapor pressure at the interface between the aqueous solution on the warm side and the membrane on the cold side, water vapor will enter the cold side from the warm side through the pores of the membrane and be condensed. This is very similar to the evaporation, mass transfer, and condensation process in conventional distillation, so it is called the membrane distillation process.

Membrane distillation package plantApplication :

  • Industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, and separation and concentration of liquid materials;
  • High-purity water for medical applications and steam power generation in power plants;
  • Deep concentration processing of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis concentrated water;
  • pre-concentrated salt or deeply concentrated solution;


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