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Submerged UF Membrane Filter (SUF)

Submerged UF Membrane Filter (SUF)

  • Small footprint, 40% less footprint than conventional membrane system
  • High separation efficiency, 30-60l/m2.h of water production without power, 60-120L/m2.h of negative pressure suction
  • The effluent quality is good, turbidity < 0.01 ntu
  • Low energy consumption, 0.01 kwh per ton of water and electricity 0.1
  • Wide application range of influent water quality, turbidity < 20ntu
  • Long lifespan is more than 5-8 years
  • Hollow fiber membrane with high strength and high separation precision; tensile Strength of membrane filament is 6-10n, average pore diameter is 0.03um


Submerged ul trafil tration membrane filter

Nominal Area (m2) OXSUF6080 OXSUF8060 OXSUFB0B0
Dimensions (mm) 160×1920 200*1800 200×2100
Recommend Flow (m3/day) 35 50 56
Dry/Wet Weight (kg) 1.2-1.8 1.3-2.0 1.6-2.5

Membrane Properties

Membrane material Gradient Sponge Structure PVDF Reinforced PVDF
MWCO(Dalton) 130K 150K
Nominal Pore Size 0.03µm 0.05µm
Fiber Diameter (mm) 0.7/1.3 1.2/2.6
Breaking Strength > 200N
Flow Path > Outside-ln
Conflguration > Cross-flow / Dead-end
Permeate Quality > 0.1NTU
Bacterial Removal > 99.99%

Module Composition

Material of Housing UPVC
Potting Material Epoxy Resin

Using Condition

Operation way Negative pressure suction flltration
Design Flux 20-55L/h
Operating Temperature 5-45 c
Operating pH Range 1-13
Max TMP Range -80Kpa
Max Backwash Pressure 150KPa
Backwash flux 1.5-4.0m3/hr
Air wash flow < 2.5m3/hr


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